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Introduction: Recently, the industry's first white paper "sd-wan global technology and industrial development" prepared by optical link group was officially released. As one of the important participating units, the excellent industry achievement cases of sd-wan provided for the writing of the white paper have been highly recognized by many industry experts and scholars

on March 17, at the 2021 first computing convergence industry development forum and CCSA TC610 wg4 technology annual meeting, the tc610wg4 working group of China Communications Standardization Association officially released the industry's first white paper sd-wan global technology and industrial development. This white paper expounds in detail the development background and global trend of sd-wan, the development trend of domestic sd-wan and the perspective of multidimensional sd-wan technology, and extracts the excellent application cases of sd-wan in many domestic industries as a reference, aiming to comply with the development trend of the cloud era and further promote the mature landing and global development of sd-wan technology

the standard block used to calibrate the hardness tester cannot be used on both sides. As a leading sd-wan service provider, opticon group was invited to participate in the preparation of this white paper. Combined with the current development and implementation of sd-wan industrialization, based on 18 years of wide area service experience and the industry-leading advantages of sd-wan landing operation and maintenance service in the process of rising, it provides a theoretical basis for the compilation of the white paper Technology and specific project implementation experience support

since the launch of the sd-wan smart simple network integrated solution by opticon group and Huawei in 2018, opticon has successfully provided customized sd-wan services to 150 + enterprises, and has successfully served 30 + benchmark enterprise customers in different fields such as real estate, retail and finance, won a good industry reputation for wide area management services, and accumulated rich experience in project implementation and service, It has become a leading service provider for operation and maintenance in the domestic sd-wan market. The new urbanization standard system includes relevant standards for green building materials, municipal infrastructure construction and strategic emerging industries. This time, as one of the important participating units, based on the implementation of the project, optical union group aims to reduce costs and improve efficiency for enterprises to realize digital transformation, integrates multi-party resources, and enables the intellectualization of manufacturing industry through the integrated sd-wan intelligent and simple network overall service. It has been widely implemented production and data-based management, and has accelerated the industrial interconnection of manufacturing industry excellent achievement cases, which provides an important reference for the application and development of sd-wan industry, It was highly praised by the guests present. At the same time, with the innovative application of sd-wan services in the industry and excellent wide area operation and maintenance service capabilities, optical link group won the sd-wan project excellent scheme award and the sd-wan project excellent service award

under the current trend of global interconnection, with the diversified development of enterprise business, the maturity, stability and flexibility of enterprise IT network architecture directly affect the operation and management efficiency of business. Based on the 83 backbone pop points deployed worldwide, opticon group has made a new layout and set up 49 backbone pop points for sd-wan services, created a dedicated backbone for sd-wan services, comprehensively upgraded the sd-wan smart simple network communication interconnection services, built a high-speed, minimalist, intelligent and safe network for enterprises, optimized the enterprise it network architecture, so as to ensure the reliability and agility of enterprise network interconnection, Better meet the personalized development needs of enterprise business

photo link sd-wan backbone pop point service map

nowadays, photo link group has taken the lead in forming the unique advantages of sd-wan dedicated backbone network in the sd-wan service field, and the quality and efficiency of sd-wan network global connection have also been further improved. In the future, optical link will continue to make efforts in IT technology, products and services, go deep into the application research and development of sd-wan industry, and constantly optimize the landing operation and maintenance services, so as to contribute to the digital development of enterprises with more cost-effective, flexible and safe intelligent network services

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