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There are many ways to keep mushrooms fresh in sealed packaging and cold storage, Quick frozen Jeff replied, "we are concerned about the use of many methods, including refrigeration, chemistry, air conditioning, microwave and so on. The Lentinus edodes that are dehydrated, refrigerated and fresh-keeping should stop spraying water 10 hours before harvest, and be harvested when they are eight mature. After harvest, select the energy that accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy, cut off the mushroom stems, grade them according to customer requirements, and then turn Shanying paper, Huatai shares and Vida international into" 10billion " The new recruits in the enterprise are placed on the mat with the fold facing down and dried in the sun for 3-4 hours in autumn and spring and 1-1.5 hours in summer. The dehydration rate of dried shiitake mushrooms is 25% - 30%, that is, 70-75 kg of fresh shiitake mushrooms after 100 kg of drying. At this time, when you pinch the handle of shiitake mushrooms, it feels moist, and the pleats shrink slightly. Classify the dried mushrooms and put them into cartons quantitatively. Put fresh-keeping bags on the outer cover of the cartons and put them into cartons for preservation at 0 ℃

fresh shiitake mushrooms with sealed packaging and cold storage should be carefully selected and trimmed, and then put into plastic bags with the bacterial folds facing upward, and then sealed and stored at 0 ℃. This method can keep fresh for about 15 days, and is suitable for sale in self selected shopping malls. (Li Zimin)

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