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Sample bottle sealing device and method

patent name sample bottle sealing device and method patent applicant MonoGen Co., Ltd. the main applicant pulls the black knob address Illinois inventor W. J. Mayer; L. J. frublevsky application (patent) No X application date 2002.10.21 date of issuance approval Announcement No. approval announcement date 2005.04.13 instruction CD No. d0515 main classification No. b65b7/16 classification No. b65b7/16; G01n35/00 division original application No. priority item 2001.10.19 us 60/330092; 2002.4.15 US 60/372,080; 2002.4.19 us 60/373658 abstract a method and device for adding seals made of thin materials to the open top of containers, such as sample containers for biological fluids to be automatically treated. Push the measured sealing material of a certain length forward across the top of the container (20), and apply pressure on the measured sealing material of the length against the top of the container (20) to achieve sealing. Depending on the type of sealing material used, sealing can be achieved by applying only pressure, heating and applying pressure, or applying ultrasonic energy and applying pressure. Alternatively, the excess sealing material can be folded against the side of the container by means of a folding member, which is used to surround the container (20) when the sealing head is lowered. The roller driven by the motor pushes the sealing material forward, and at the same time, a platen on the movable sealing head exerts pressure on the sealing material to engage the sealing material with the container. Sovereignty item 1 A device for applying a seal made of thin material to the open top of an upright container is presented to the device by a transmission device with a holding device for a plurality of containers, which includes: a support for a supply device of sealing material; The roller driven by the motor is used to push the sealing material forward across the top of the container; A movably mounted sealing head comprises a platen above the container and the sealing material; And an actuator, which is used to move the platen downward to apply pressure to the sealing material to realize the sealing joint with the container. International application pct/us2002/033354 2002.10.21 international publication wo2003/035477 en 2003.5.1 on the other hand, the date of entry into the country patent agency China Patent Agency (Hong Kong) Limited institutional address agent cuiyouping; Yang Songling

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