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About the problems of made in China and designed in China

-- a popular saying in the design circle for the 2009 World Design Conference to be held in Beijing, China, That is, China should move forward from a "manufacturing power" to a "design power" in the world. The friction caused by improper adjustment of the hydraulic rib support, referred to as "made in China to designed in China", is a lot of the spirit of "design to save the country". Later, some people outside the circle learned this sentence, but could not understand "design", so it was spread into "made in China to created in China", or "made in China to creative in China" , wait, fortunately, the meaning is basically the same. In the circle, I often hear this sentence several times a year, and I hardly feel it anymore. Few people can say how to "save the country" by designing. For a long time, I haven't thought it out myself. Therefore, over the years, I have written many articles and monographs about the four words "Chinese design", but rarely involved the issue of "made in China" or the transition between the two

it was not until I had the opportunity to visit Taiwan for the second time in my life in August 2008 that I had a personal feeling about the so-called "made in China". At that time, the idol blockbuster "Cape Seven" was popular in Taiwan. As a "land guest", although I still don't understand why this film has such a sensation in Taiwan, I also went to the "Cape Seven in Hengchun County, Pingtung county", which I didn't visit for the first time. After the main street in Kenting, I got off and went to 7-Eleven on the roadside to buy batteries. I was stunned by a never seen sign on the outer package of the battery - a circular red sign with a red bar in the oblique center, which is similar to the signs of "No Parking" and "no smoking", but the words written in the center of the circle are "made in China", and the battery industry is afraid that you won't understand it, Therefore, there is a line of small words below - "definitely not made in China"

although we have heard of the low reputation of "made in China" products outside the mainland for a long time, it is difficult to calm down to see such a blatant humiliation of "made in China". However, after returning to Taipei, the 2008 "Sanlu toxic milk powder" incident shocked the world, which left people speechless. Are we such a "manufacturing power"? Hundreds of millions of working people in the manufacturing industry across the country have relieved the employment pressure with their own skills. At the same time, as new laymen, they have also created the myth of China's GDP year after year. However, the low productivity and price, behind the "made in China" symbol flying around the world, are all kinds of negative crises driven by economic interests - products are shoddy, and the quantity exceeds the quality. Reports of black heart cotton, toxic milk powder, black coal mines, and black heart developers have been repeatedly disclosed. "Made in China" makes some people get rich first at the cost of losing the credibility of a country's manufacturing industry

what should I do? Rely on Chinese design! Design is not a manufacturing industry, nor is it a cultural and creative industry simply for enjoying entertainment, but a service industry that is practical for people's livelihood. As a service industry, design can cooperate with manufacturing industry to add value to products. Design can also serve other industries other than manufacturing, and re establish China's national image and credibility internationally. Real developed countries and regions all pay attention to the power of design and improve the quality of design services while the economy takes off. Fortunately, Chinese design, which is good at learning, has developed from scratch in the past three decades, especially in the past 15 years, and has gained a place in the world. In terms of graphic design, today's China's best graphic designers can fully reach the world-class level (of course, product design and architectural design still need to work hard). 6. Changing the tightness of the chain of the experimental machine is checked once every six months; Shenzhen in China has also become the sixth "city of design" in the world officially promulgated by UNESCO. It can be said that the design industry has made all efforts to build China's national image and restore the international credibility of the Chinese nation in the past three decades

from today on, the driving force of China's design industry should shift from internal to external, from professional fields to attention and support for the whole Chinese society. The Chinese design community no longer needs to put forward any slogan of "catching up with the world" and "creating a first-class" from within the professional field - we can say that we have accomplished this task quite well (at least in graphic design). The next effort and ambition of the Chinese design community is to serve the Chinese society and the Chinese people, and reshape the international credibility of made in China and Chinese brands with their international status and level in the professional field. (end)

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