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According to the questionnaire survey data, less than 10% of express packaging boxes are reused

[China Packaging News] (author: Li Jia) learned yesterday that 15 sophomores from the school of logistics engineering of Wuhan University of technology found that less than 10% of express packaging boxes are reused in Wuhan after more than 10 days of summer vacation. In this survey, they distributed and recovered more than 1200 valid questionnaires on the streets of Wuhan

this survey shows that six adults directly discard the packaging box after receiving the express delivery; Two adults collect and sort out the packaging boxes and sell them as waste products; Only about 8% of people keep it for the next mail

respondents generally believe that express delivery enterprises have problems of non environmental protection and excessive packaging. More than half of the respondents believed that a recycling bin for express packaging should be established. Some people also suggested that the reward mechanism of using outer packaging for repeated experiments and the use of new environmental protection materials should be implemented. Deng Chao, a sophomore majoring in logistics at the University who participated in the survey, told that more than half of the citizens interviewed supported improving the way of express packaging because it was conducive to environmental protection. But there are also a large proportion of people who doubt that this is not feasible. A person in charge of a logistics company said that most logistics enterprises now regard service attitude as the most important and have relatively little concern about green and environmental protection. Professor zhangqingying, the instructor of the survey, said that it is possible for latex and nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) to be replaced by more efficient and low-cost substitutes based on learning. Students investigated that the increased cost of using new materials at this stage may become an important reason for affecting the decision-making of express delivery enterprises. The real use of new environmentally friendly materials requires the support of government policies and the establishment of corresponding recycling mechanisms

China Packaging believes that this phenomenon reflects the lack of social awareness of environmental protection, and the insufficient measures for recycling can not avoid the problem of packaging environmental pollution. How to deal with it has become the primary consideration at this stage

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