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MCU! MCU! On August 21, 2012, the fourth MCU technology innovation and Embedded Application Conference (MCU! MCU! 2012), hosted by the creative era, was grandly held in hall 2 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This conference gathered many well-known manufacturers in the industry, such as St, Freescale, American microchip technology, Fujitsu, Ti, Hetai semiconductor, to share with many professional listeners on MCU innovative technology and applications. In addition, many experts from the embedded system branch of China Software Industry Association, IHS iSuppli, IMS research, Hedong electronics and other experts made prospects and Analysis on the current hot application market. In addition to a stronger lineup of speakers, the conference also set up three sub forums, ipc/human-machine interface, motor control and smart home, especially for hot markets, which are more targeted in the content of the speech

performance, energy consumption, safety, MCU products have their own emphasis

the global microcontroller market is undergoing a rapid change. All suppliers are accelerating the development of their next generation products. For example, Freescale has launched K-series MCU such as kinetic K10 and kinetic K70 in the past year. Zeng Jintao, the Asia Pacific Marketing Director of Freescale Semiconductor Industry and multi market microcontroller department, said that Freescale kinetic Series MCU is subverting the rules of the game of microcontrollers: the kinetic series provides more than 500 cutting-edge, scalable and compatible MCU product combinations, forming the most complete ecosystem in the industry. With a strong product lineup, Freescale occupies 2/3 of the MCU market of automotive electronics, and with the acceleration of automotive electronics, this huge market is also growing rapidly

last year MCU! MCU! In 2011, Cao Jindong, manager of Italian French semiconductor microcontroller marketing department, once brought his highest performance series STM32 F4 based on cortex-m4 core. Today, he brought STM32 F0 Series in the same vein. According to him, STM32 F0 is an 8-bit microcontroller. 13. The manhole cover pressure fatigue testing machine is characterized by low noise, no oil pollution, flexible and reliable use. It has 48 MHz Cortex-M0, 16kb-128kb memory, and a maximum of 20-kb SRAM. It is the first choice for household appliances and consumer electronics products. And its price friendly to the people enables developers to enjoy the advantages brought by STM32 product platform without sacrificing product performance

in order to meet the energy consumption requirements of more and more battery powered and low-power applications, the development of the new generation of single chip computers integrates various features of reducing energy consumption. Whether it is a new sleep mode that can reduce energy consumption by 10 times (at least a few nanoamps) or a new operation mode that can reduce part of the chip's energy consumption, the results of these new single-chip computers are very significant. Considering that each new process node will cause the leakage current to increase exponentially, the new mode of reducing power consumption has never been so important

Zhang Haimin, a senior application engineer from American microchip technology company, and many engineers present discussed various energy consumption reduction modes available to engineers in the existing single chip microcomputer, and discussed in detail the working principle of each mode and its impact on energy consumption. He also explained how to use the functional characteristics of single-chip microcomputer to significantly reduce power consumption and realize the efficient utilization of energy through wonderful case analysis

talking about energy consumption without safety is undoubtedly on paper. Now more and more electronic devices have been used in industry, medical treatment, transportation and other fields. How to ensure the safe and stable operation of electronic devices? Bao Zhen, the business development manager of Texas Instruments ARM microcontroller, brought a new Hercules security microcontroller platform for medical, industrial and transportation applications. The platform is designed to help developers obtain security certification, including three microcontroller series based on ARM cortex. The diversity of ring stiffness testing machine provides expansion, connection, storage and security features, which is suitable for applications that need high reliability. Hercules safety microcontroller is rooted in TI's expertise in safety critical systems for more than 20 years, extensive industry cooperation, and hardware with excellent reputation for the automotive market

low power consumption, emphasis on experience, new focus of ipc/human-machine interface products

hong Chun, senior analyst of IMS Research (IHS Inc), made an in-depth analysis of various market segments and regions of industrial computers. He pointed out that the storage mode will gradually evolve from ordinary hard disk to compact flash CF card, CFAST flash fast CF card, SSD solid state disk, mini SATA msata, etc., while the processor will evolve to low power consumption, Display mode is undoubtedly the most popular multi touch mode at present. When talking about the current industry distribution of the global industrial computer market, he pointed out that industrial automation, rail transit and medical electronics account for a high proportion, and the demand growth is the fastest

to stand out in today's competitive market, the first impression of the product is crucial. Users' first impression of the product is often the impression of the product interface. Therefore, whether the user interface is beautiful and practical is very critical. Unfortunately, in the face of a variety of optional systems, it is always difficult to choose the best interface system while maintaining the product cost. Song Wei, an application engineer at microchip, shared several mtouch touch sensing solutions. Mtouch design options include capacitive touch and metal panel capacitive touch buttons/sliders, a variety of touch screens (including surface capacitive, projected capacitive and resistive), and a new LCD + touch screen combination

hexiaoqing, Deputy Secretary General of embedded system branch of China Software Industry Association, brought embedded industrial computer and human-machine interface software innovation that can directly improve user experience in products related to IOT and smart earth

green energy saving, the eternal theme of motor control

motors are widely used in the world today. At present, the freight from Indonesia to southern China is 3.5 (4) 5 dollars/ton (70000 tons); 4.5⑸. 5 dollars/ton (50.6 million tons) to where there is movement, there may be motors. As the soul of high-performance motor system, control chip and drive technology will play an increasingly important role. Zhong Chengbao, manager of Fujitsu semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said that Fujitsu has always regarded the field of motor control as one of its main development directions, and is committed to the research, development and promotion of single chip computers and control solutions. In the forum, he shared Fujitsu's 180 degree DC frequency conversion scheme, which can greatly save the energy consumption of motors and final products. Luyonghai, senior market engineer of Italian French semiconductor in Central China, also said that the motor control application field is one of the main target markets of STM32 products, and its differentiated products will provide an infinite expansion platform for motor control applications

Zhou WanMu, senior analyst of IMS research, combined with the changing economic situation at home and abroad, analyzed the development trend and data analysis of China's motor and motor control industry from the entire Chinese machinery manufacturing market and end-user market, including servo drive, servo motor, frequency converter, induction motor, motion controller, CNC and other application markets

from local area to scale, the smart home market is moving towards normalization

Family Customs plays an important role in the family network. With the help of the existing computer network technology, various household appliances and equipment in the family are connected, and through the network, various rich, diversified, personalized, convenient, comfortable, safe and efficient services are provided for people. It has been 10 years since smart home entered China. In recent years, home smart customs have gradually been understood by consumers. From the perspective of market acceptance, home smart customs are still in the stage of gradual acceptance. Song houqing, a market analyst at infonetics research, not only introduced the technology and market of smart home devices, but also analyzed the broadband service plans and future technical needs of operators in detail

ihs iSuppli industry analyst Zhu Hui focused on analyzing the opportunities brought by the development of smart meters in China for the MCU market, including the current demand situation, export analysis and Prospect of China's smart meter Market; The application and development trend of various communication technologies of smart meters in China; Competition pattern and bidding situation of major electricity meter manufacturers; Changes in the share of major chip markets and manufacturers, etc

people's demand for high-performance mobile devices continues to increase, which forces the industry to consider other ways to replace battery charging. Feng Qiming, manager of Freescale Semiconductor Application Engineer, brought Freescale's development plan in the field of wireless charging. He said that Freescale has launched three wireless charging reference designs, which provide wireless charging solutions for a large number of battery powered devices. Once wireless charging technology is widely deployed in public infrastructure, charging problems will no longer cause trouble to users

Mr. liangguoqin, visiting professor of the school of telecommunications engineering of South China Normal University and chairman of Hedong enterprise, combined with ten years of experience in smart home R & D, production and overseas promotion, shared smart solutions for luxury houses and important lighting applications at home and abroad, and jointly explored the way for smart home to break through bottlenecks in the Chinese market with the audience. Lin Jingren, manager of Hetai semiconductor product marketing office, also brought relevant products and solutions related to smart home applications, such as security product solutions, touch switch/dimming solutions, fingerprint identification solutions and remote control IC

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