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Beer packaging equipment: breakthrough and improvement in innovation and development

China's beer industry has made remarkable development achievements in the past decade. It has remained the world's largest beer producer for many years, and is more likely to break the annual output of 40million kiloliters in the short term. It can be said that the brilliance created by the rapid development and outstanding achievements of China's beer industry cannot be separated from the beer packaging equipment industry, which is accompanied by it and also develops rapidly

with the steady development of China's beer industry, the beer packaging equipment industry continues to grow in active absorption and innovation. Some industry experts believe that through the unremitting efforts of the industry, especially the backbone enterprises, the packaging equipment used in China's beer production, including large and advanced filling machines and labeling machines, can basically be localized and better meet the needs of the market. This has greatly benefited domestic beer enterprises in saving costs, facilitating the maintenance of spare parts and equipment, and even improving production efficiency. It has also strengthened China's beer industry, and further improved the quality of overall packaging equipment and market competitiveness. This also fully shows that the domestic beer packaging equipment industry has entered a new period of development

sharpen a sword in ten years. In the exchange and competition with foreign advanced counterparts, some backbone enterprises in the domestic beer packaging equipment industry, especially, have fully exercised themselves and effectively improved their market competitiveness. They have not only become the main force in the domestic market, but also show their skills in the international market, and their core competitiveness has been continuously improved

relevant statistics show that China's beer packaging equipment industry, especially the production of large beer filling lines and high-performance labeling machines, has achieved a breakthrough development in the past decade. Beer filling line and labeling machine, as the most important packaging equipment in the production process of breweries, have been the bottleneck restricting the development of domestic beer industry to truly realize the localization of equipment for many years. This is mainly because the production of beer filling line and labeling machine requires higher and more refined technical performance than other beer packaging equipment. Before the end of the 1990s, most of the large beer filling lines (mainly 36000 bottle lines per hour) and modern labeling machines launched by well-known domestic breweries were imported from international industry production giants Krones and KHS. Although the imported equipment was expensive and had to face a series of inconveniences, domestic breweries unanimously reflected that they had to do it as a last resort, There is still a big gap between the main domestic beer packaging equipment and the international advanced level

courage comes after knowing shame. Perhaps, the huge contrast has deeply hurt the people of insight in the domestic beer packaging equipment industry, and stimulated their fighting spirit to aim at the international advanced level, actively innovate and catch up. By actively introducing and digesting foreign advanced technology, and increasing scientific and technological investment and innovation, some backbone enterprises in the industry have effectively approached or even reached the advanced level of Boeing's largest passenger aircraft and its international counterparts. For example, in the production of large-scale beer filling line equipment, Nanjing Light Machinery Factory and Guangdong No.2 light machinery factory have performed prominently in the industry. Since the beginning of the new century, most of the domestic large-scale beer filling lines have chosen these two manufacturers, and the first-class cost performance makes users very satisfied. In the production of high-performance and modern beer labeling machine equipment, the outstanding performance of Qinhuangdao Zhongde machinery company and Qingdao Delong packaging equipment company has made the majority of domestic users and therefore Jinan Ruima remind the majority of users to be cautious when using it. Industry experts praise it. Because ten years ago, domestic large beer labeling machines were almost all imported. Since the beginning of the new century, the modern labeling machines of Sino German and Delong companies have occupied almost 80% of the domestic beer market at the same time, creating an industry miracle. According to experts' evaluation, China Germany and Delong labeling machine companies have been focusing on the research and development of labeling machines for ten years, strengthening scientific and technological investment, closely communicating and cooperating with international industry giants, and combining the actual situation of the domestic customer market, actively digesting the international first technology and constantly innovating, so as to develop and produce advanced labeling machines, not only in the main technical performance indicators, Even the appearance design has reached the international advanced level. Its first-class cost performance and perfect and fast market service are unmatched by foreign counterparts

in fact, with the rapid development and extraordinary performance of the domestic beer packaging equipment industry, especially the backbone enterprises, the biggest beneficiaries of the market may be many beer manufacturers, because the cost of purchasing the domestic advanced labeling machine produced by Sino German or Delong is less than half of the cost of selecting the same type of foreign equipment, and the relevant accessories and market services required in future production are more convenient. Of course, the relationship between breweries and equipment manufacturers has also become a mutually reinforcing win-win relationship. The rapid development of China's beer industry also benefits from the positive progress and strong supporting cooperation of these backbone enterprises in the beer packaging industry. Said a well-known expert in the beer industry

compared with the international advanced level, China's automobile industry and aircraft manufacturing have always been one of the most important industrial sectors in Britain, and there is still a certain gap in the overall level of China's beer packaging equipment industry. How to correctly recognize the gap and situation, take effective measures to improve the level as soon as possible and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry, so as to make a positive contribution to the further development of China's beer industry, has become an important strategic issue for China's beer packaging equipment industry

in recent ten years, China's beer packaging equipment industry has made a series of achievements, and even made outstanding achievements in the production of beer filling lines and labeling machines. However, compared with the advanced level of our international counterparts, we still have gaps in many aspects, which should be understood and grasped from the following aspects:

1 The overall competitiveness of China's beer packaging equipment industry is not strong

among China's beer packaging equipment enterprises, there are still quite few enterprise groups with independent intellectual property rights, prominent main business, strong core competitiveness and certain influence in the world. Most beer packaging equipment enterprises are still small-scale, short of funds, inadequate management, backward production technology and processing equipment and unable to transform, low labor production efficiency, and product quality is often not guaranteed

2. There is a big gap between high-tech packaging equipment and foreign countries

taking advantage of the good conditions of China's market opening, the world beer packaging powers have entered China's beer packaging market on a large scale by virtue of their centralized capital and technological advantages, which has brought great challenges to China's beer packaging equipment industry. Especially in recent years, the import of advanced beer packaging equipment has made China's beer packaging enterprises in a weak position in seizing the commanding heights. Packaging equipment plays a very important role in the beer packaging industry, which affects and determines the development and level of the beer packaging industry, so it must be paid great attention to. But generally speaking, due to the fact that beer packaging equipment is a capital and technology intensive industry, with large capital investment and high scientific and technological content, we have a large gap in this regard compared with foreign countries. But this does not mean that Chinese enterprises have no strength to catch up in this field

in fact, Qinhuangdao Sino German and Qingdao Delong companies have made remarkable achievements in this field, which have been unanimously praised by users at home and abroad, due to their emphasis on scientific and technological cooperation, strong investment, courage to innovate and active competition. Even foreign advanced peers sincerely admire them for reaching the international advanced industry level in a relatively short time. If more than a dozen high-tech industrial and competitive beer packaging equipment enterprises like Delong and China and Germany can emerge in the next few years, the overall level of China's beer packaging equipment industry will be greatly improved. An industry expert said sincerely

3. The scientific and technological innovation of domestic beer packaging equipment industry and the research and development of new products are not enough

with the improvement of consumers' consumption level, the development of beer industry puts forward higher requirements for beer packaging equipment. However, due to the Limited R & D capacity of many beer packaging equipment enterprises in China and the lack of scientific and technological investment and innovation, they can not develop new products to meet the needs of beer packaging in time, which affects the competitiveness of the market. In the face of strong competition from foreign advanced counterparts, there is basically no market opportunity

4. The macro management of domestic beer packaging equipment production needs to be strengthened

at present, many countries have a set of regulations, standards and product certification systems related to beer packaging from the perspective of protecting the interests of consumers, resources and the environment, and continue to introduce new regulations. If China's beer packaging production cannot be carried out in accordance with strict laws and regulations and product certification system, it will cause illegal production of beer packaging products to a large extent, damage the interests of beer manufacturers and consumers, and cause serious environmental pollution and waste of resources. Therefore, as a beer packaging equipment industry, we should also establish and improve the corresponding regulations of the industry as soon as possible, actively guide beer packaging enterprises to produce according to regulations and standards, and speed up the process of integrating with international standards. In addition, we should improve the human resource management level of the industry and enterprises as soon as possible to adapt to the pace of industrial development, so as to effectively improve the development level of China's beer packaging equipment industry

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