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Measures to improve the quality of paperboard

the product quality standard for carton board (GBI 3o24 GI) has appearance quality regulations such as basically consistent color, neat and smooth cutting edges, flat end faces, and the number of wet scars, but there are no indicators of smoothness, gloss, dust, and hue, but users have requirements for the above indicators. In order to meet the needs of the market, our factory has done a lot of work to improve the smoothness, gloss, dust and color indicators of carton board

1 smoothness and gloss of carton board because most of the carton surface produced with carton board needs offset printing, the smoothness and gloss of carton board directly and obviously determine and affect the printing quality, that is, the appearance of packaging cartons, even if a few cartons do not need offset printing, The smoothness and gloss of the carton board will also improve the appearance quality of the carton. The measures taken to improve the smoothness and gloss of the carton board are summarized as follows: (1) under the condition of ensuring normal papermaking, improve the beating degree of the surface pulp not less than 8osr, but the difference with the beating degree of the bottom pulp cannot exceed SOSR, otherwise the paper will be layered. (2) When the equipment conditions permit, the line pressure of each press should be increased one by one. It is best that the line pressure of the last press can reach ioo-13okn/m. (3) Each press roll must use its scraper well to keep the quality of the product. The roll surface is clean and has a low roughness. (4) The gten moisture entering the gloss cylinder is about 300p, and the line pressure of the idler is 6o-soknm; The steam inlet pressure of the dryer is about 0.32mpa. At the same time, keep the surfaces of the dryer and idler clean and clean them regularly. (5) The scraper of each dryer should maintain a good cleaning effect, especially the dryer on the opposite side of the sticker page of the first group of cylinders is easy to scale, and must be cleaned regularly. (6) When entering the calender, the moisture content of the paper is about 6% to 8%. Otherwise, there will be obvious electrostatic effect and temperature stress. The line pressure of the calender. Medium and high should be appropriate. (7) Use additives and surface sizing machine

2 dust degree of carton board the carton board with commercial pulp board (KP) will not have dust, but the dust degree of paper is also a prominent problem when using waste cartons with good quality, even if they are used as noodle pulp after manual primary selection. At this time, the dust is mostly black and white, followed by red. Black dust comes from ink, asphalt and mineral impurities of waste cartons, while white is mostly calcium plastic or plastic sheets. There are two ways to eliminate dust: one is to refine the dust, that is, to reduce the area of dust (preferably less than 1mm) so that the dust is present but not obvious. The measure is to improve the pulping degree, and heat dispersion equipment can be used if conditions permit. The second is to remove the dust to the greatest extent, and its measures: (1) whether in the purification process of the centrifugal slag remover used before pulping or papermaking, the last section of tail slag must be discharged from the production process, and must not be returned to the pulping system for re pulping in order to reduce the loss, otherwise dust will accumulate in the process. (2) The slotted screen plate is selected for the pressure screen and the vibrating frame skip screen. The size of the slot of the former can be considered to be about 0.45 ~ 0.somm, and the service life of the all metal bushing of the latter is about 1mm longer. The screen drum slot of the compound fiber separator is generally 0.smm, because calcium plastic, ink, asphalt can realize the loading at the same loading rate or the loading point at the same stress rate, and sand particles are mostly granular impurities. The slotted screen has a higher removal rate than the hole screen. (3) In fiber separator, pressure screen, centrifugal slag remover and other equipment, light slag discharge outlet shall be equipped to ensure smooth slag discharge

3 color of carton board the color of carton board requires two aspects: first, the color should be basically the same, that is, there should be no flowers. The measures taken are that the measurement links such as pulp concentration, pulp level and dyes should be accurate, the dye brand should be as stable as possible, and the dyeing test must be carried out before each batch of dyes are used. If there are minor changes, the process conditions should be slightly adjusted; The operating conditions such as the concentration of dye dissolution, temperature and the sequence of adding people must be unified in the three shifts. The second is hue, which is called chromaticity. Users have a habit of choosing the hue of carton board. The manufacturer must conduct market research to determine the hue of carton board, which can be one, two or three, but not too many. As the standard color of our factory, it is not only accepted by users, but also the characteristic color of our factory. In order to prepare a satisfactory standard color, the slurry must be dyed and tested, and then used in production. Once the standard color is determined and stabilized, it must not be easily changed. For users with special hues, it is necessary to produce as much as possible to avoid the hue disorder of stock paper. The carton board product standard currently adopted in China has been in use for more than 7 years. During this period, with the continuous improvement of the appearance quality requirements of packaging cartons, the carton board as the raw material of cartons must also continue to improve the appearance quality. Therefore, it is suggested to add some provisions on appearance quality when repairing the quality standard of carton board in the future

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