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Mch170 Botan new revolutionary flat head boom tower crane

two new revolutionary flat head boom tower cranes in Botan recently assisted the fire station project in Futian District of Shenzhen and the housing project in Pansong Road, marking the new trend of urban construction in Shenzhen. Shenzhen, from an obscure border town to a modern international city with a population of 20 million, took less than 40 years. After reading the urban construction of Shenzhen, you can grasp the pulse of urban construction in China, and then master the "password" for the development of tower crane leasing industry. The emergence of hydraulic boom tower crane marks the development of Shenzhen Urban Construction towards safer and more efficient refined construction. Botan MCH 170 is a new revolutionary hydraulic luffing tower crane, which can reduce the secondary pollution greatly. It adopts a new vvh hydraulic luffing system, and the jib luffing is driven by a proprietary new (based on the force measuring ring) hydraulic system; The power consumption is lower than that of the traditional luffing mechanism, and compared with the competitive products, the market demand of non-ferrous metal products is difficult to increase significantly, requiring smaller generators and lower operating costs; Luffing can be completed in 2 minutes

mch170 hydraulic boom tower crane

mch170 this hydraulic boom tower crane is especially suitable for urban construction with narrow and crowded construction sites, limited air rotation, and high requirements for safety and efficiency. At the same time, the hydraulic cylinder luffing boom has more obvious technical advantages than the boom tower crane luffing through the winch wire rope

when the test object is close to failure,

luffing hydraulic component

the 60lvf lifting mechanism and luffing hydraulic station on the balance arm, as well as the boom root section and luffing oil cylinder have been assembled into a component before leaving the factory, reducing the assembly time and requirements on the site

general standard section

adopt the l68b3 standard section common to other models of Botan to reduce the input cost of the standard section

access escalator options

tower access has galvanized straight escalator and aluminum alloy inclined escalator options

space capsule cab

the space design of the space capsule cab is very spacious, and the built-in maintenance of the electric cabinet is simple and convenient. The cab has a wide view and is made of all steel framework, which is firm and durable. High temperature baking paint on the outer surface, all tempered glass, and polyurethane insulation layer, pneumatic support rod, sunshade, heater and other personalized design are set inside

hydraulic station and oil cylinder

luffing hydraulic station and oil cylinder are international leading brands and have undergone strict reliability tests

air cylinder replacement

mch170 also has a set of options for air cylinder replacement to deal with extreme cylinder failure

with the development of urban construction, the requirements for construction equipment are also increasing. Mch170 boom tower crane, which represents Botan's innovative technology, will lead the new trend of urban construction

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