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The capacitive water cut monitoring technology of the third northwest oil production plant has made a breakthrough

"this breakthrough in water cut monitoring technology is really very convenient." "That is, no more sampling every day, which saves costs and reduces labor intensity. It's really killing two birds with one stone!" On May 8, Zhou Xinjiang and Wang Dongfeng, the well patrol personnel of the third northwest oil production plant, said while maintaining the Christmas tree in well th10292, "that is, there is no need to take samples every day, which not only saves costs, but also reduces labor intensity. It is really killing two birds with one stone!"

on May 8, Zhou Xinjiang and Wang Dongfeng, the well patrol personnel of the third northwest oil production plant, said while maintaining the Christmas tree in well th10292

the third northwest oil production plant has jurisdiction over 5 blocks and more than 460 oil wells. At present, the water content of crude oil is monitored by manual distillation, which requires a large number of personnel and vehicles to patrol the well for sampling. At the same time, more than 550 sampling bottles are consumed per day, resulting in high cost and poor timeliness

in this regard, the factory has made a big article on innovation and efficiency increase. Technicians and relevant manufacturers jointly tackle key problems. After three years of efforts, the developed capacitive water content monitoring technology has finally made a breakthrough, solving the production problem that it is not suitable for use. This technology is based on the large difference in the dielectric constant of oil and water. When the watery crude oil flows through the two electrics of the capacitance, which is an indispensable environmental space between the poles of mechanical analysis teaching instruments and equipment in Colleges and universities, the dielectric constant of the medium between the electrodes changes, resulting in the change of the capacitance value. Through the measuring circuit, the change of capacitance value is converted into frequency signal, so as to realize the measurement of oil moisture content

advantages of capacitance method in monitoring water content in crude oil. The relative static measurement is realized and the monitoring accuracy is improved. Another is to provide a heating environment, which can degass and separate impurities, break through the flow bottle of impurities, liquids and gases, and focus on the development of new chemical materials, fine chemical products and high molecular new materials. Realize temperature monitoring, provide temperature compensation for water content data, and improve accuracy. Water content can be measured at any time with high frequency in a single day, and the comprehensive water content can be calculated. The intelligent water content monitoring can be realized by using the information functions of data storage and data remote transmission

the breakthrough of water content monitoring technology, the error rate of water content is only 3%, which meets the requirements of oil and gas development. This innovation can fully realize the remote transmission and early warning of fault well inspection and oil well production data, and make a new step in the intelligent construction of the oil field. More importantly, the economic benefits are significant, which can reduce the operation labor by 60%, and the annual cost savings of the whole plant are expected to be 7.65 million yuan. At the same time, the whole plant has reduced 16 well patrol sampling vehicles, the annual vehicle use fee has been reduced by 2.4 million yuan, and the annual test fee has been reduced by 200000 yuan

it is reported that after investigation and experiment, this technology is practical and convenient, and effectively improves the efficiency of oil and gas production. Now it has been popularized and applied in the transfer station and well T743 of the plant, and the effect is very obvious. Next, the capacitive water cut monitoring technology will be comprehensively promoted in the whole plant and even the northwest oil field, and the intelligent management of oil field fault well patrol will be used to maximize benefits

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