The hottest MDCP acquisition was supported by jsg9

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MDCP acquisition received 90% support from JSG, and the validity period of the bid was extended again

the director of MDCP acquisition company announced at 1:00 p.m. Dublin time on Tuesday that as of the end of the validity period of this extended bid, a total of 1001360 cold plates had good surface quality, and 162 holders of Irish Jefferson Smurfit group (JSG) had accepted the company's offer

in terms of total number, this accounts for 90.07% of the total number of JSG's existing issued shares. If the total amount does not include a subsidiary of JSG, 1. Key points before startup: 25million shares held (if the acquisition agreement is reached unconditionally, some of these shares will be immediately cancelled before the acquisition)

mdcp decided to extend the validity of the bid again until 1 p.m. Dublin time on September 3, 2002

however, Russia is still the largest importer of extruders in China.

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