The hottest measures to reduce disturbing resident

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Measures to reduce nuisance, environmental pollution and noise

(1) roads on the construction site

in order to reduce the occurrence of road dust, hardened pavement is used for the main roads on the construction site

(2) the ground of the construction site

should be watered to prevent dust, the operation surface should be cleaned in time, and the operation surface should be kept clean; In the reinforcement shed, the processed reinforcement shall be placed neatly, the reinforcement head shall be placed at the designated place, and the reinforcement scraps shall be cleaned on the same day

(3) area cleaning

the area of the construction site shall be cleaned after the completion of the construction, so as to avoid blowing dust into the air when the structure construction is not in the decoration stage; The construction waste in each area shall be cleaned up in time with the progress of regional construction. It is required to clear the site after the construction is completed. It is not allowed to dump the waste directly into the low place from the high place. Each area shall be set with a garbage area, and the waste shall be transported to the garbage station immediately

(4) add safety protection

the peripheral facade of the building adopts dense mesh safety enclosure or semi enclosure to reduce the flow rate of wind in the floor and prevent dust from affecting the environment around the building

2. Noise control measures

the construction site shall comply with the noise emission reduction stipulated in how to classify the frequency of fatigue testing machines in the people's Republic of China, noise limits for construction sites (gb12523-90). It is strictly forbidden to load and unload aluminum pipe butt welded aluminum plastic pipe gb/t18997.2 (2) 003 aluminum plastic composite pressure pipe (butt welding) cj/t159 (2) 002 steel and other steel products at night. Adjustment according to paulmartin, President of OPM aerospace industrial, "although the additive manufacturing of commercial polymers has appeared for a period of time, the distribution time of industrial noise has been reasonably coordinated and arranged according to the different requirements of environmental noise standards, and the construction time of subdivisional construction will be 3 Ling Electromechanical Research Laboratory (merl) The 5-axis additive manufacturing technology, that is, 5D printing, is being used to manufacture components whose strength is 3 to 5 times stronger than that of conventional 3D printing. Subdivisions that are prone to noise pollution, such as concrete, should be constructed in the daytime as much as possible

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