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The MDI market is in a short downturn, and the polyurethane industry has a broad prospect.

recently, domestic polyurethane raw materials are still weak, especially represented by MDI. The market price is declining and it is difficult to change, and there is little search for goods in the downstream. The main reasons for this phenomenon are:

(1) at present, Yantai Wanhua Ningbo phase II MDI plant has entered the trial operation stage to test whether there are abnormal conditions in the operation of the plant. According to relevant sources, this 300000 t/a MDI device is scheduled to be officially put into production in the third quarter of this year, and the subsequent capacity of this device will reach 600000 T/a after technical transformation. The production of new production capacity will directly lead to bad market in the second half of the year. In addition, it is rumored that Shanghai chlor alkali chemical will build MDI and other world-class chemical plants in Caojing base (later denied), and it is more sensitive to the launch of new production capacity under the market downturn

(2) the accumulated MDI market inventory in the early stage is still high. Although the low-cost supply temporarily withdrew from the market, the downstream consumption capacity is weak

(3) since the implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction in the national "Eleventh Five Year Plan" in 2005 [China Plastics News] LANXESS announced that the entertainment information carrier designed by mixing continuous reinforced fiber Polyamide Composites and polyamide 62 molding materials was first applied to Audi A6, all regions have responded positively and achieved remarkable results. It is reported that, This summer, Zhejiang and other places implemented power rationing measures, forcing the downstream spandex production enterprises of pure MDI to reduce the operating rate or centralized maintenance, which greatly reduced the demand for MDI raw materials

(4) the production enterprises of pure MDI downstream slurry, sole stock solution and polymerized MDI downstream refrigerators, solar energy, thermal insulation materials, etc. started relatively low, which directly led to the downstream to consume the original inventory, that is, to produce the new generation of PU coated fabrics through the technology of insqin brand overall solution, supplemented by timely procurement on demand

although the current downstream off-season has led to the negative impact on MDI demand, at present, the implementation of new policies by the state is conducive to the long-term development of the polyurethane industry:

(1) the policy of home appliances to the countryside stimulates domestic demand, and the refrigerator and freezer industry as the downstream industry of polyurethane will benefit a lot in the future

(2) in order to promote the process of housing industrialization in China, the national housing industrialization base was unveiled in Yantai Wanhua Group on July 14. Yantai Wanhua is a large enterprise producing MDI, a polyurethane raw material in China. This time, in response to the call of the state, we will vigorously promote the application of polyurethane building parts with high quality, building energy conservation and artificial straw board in the national housing industry. The approval of Wanhua residential base shows the determination of the country to promote polyurethane building energy conservation, which shows that the polyurethane industry has broad prospects for future development in China

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