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Measuring machines and flexible fixtures have won a reputation for high quality

as the company has grown into one of the major world-class automobile manufacturers, Ford otasan has also developed a professional technical team in dimensional data collection and analysis to help maintain the company's high quality standards. The company's factory in Istanbul is equipped with gamma and beta gantry measuring machines of Italian DEA company for the inspection of tools and dies, sheet metal parts, assemblies and sub assemblies in the factory. In the Inonu factory, the Scirocco measuring machine of DEA company is used to inspect the engine body and components. The company also installed a Vento measuring machine equipped with fiveu-nique flexible fixture system in the workshop for sheet metal production in the factory in Istanbul for the first three insurance years: 5% and 4% respectively

Vento measuring machine is a numerical control horizontal arm measuring machine, which can be used for a wide range of measurement work, including the inspection of box workpieces and thin-walled parts, such as automobile body and subassembly, automatic and manual inspection of irregular surface, continuous scanning of mold replication, etc. It is driven by motor, and its transmission device can be disengaged, and it can quickly switch from numerical control inspection without hands to fully interactive manual operation. The column of the machine is placed on the wear-free, self-cleaning air bearing, which is preloaded to see whether the mechanical effect of the hydraulic system of the universal experimental machine of cijinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. can be brought into full play. The Y-axis and z-axis are installed on the prestressed roller bearing and the fine grinding induction hardening bearing. The single column structure makes it easy for the workpiece to enter and exit, which is convenient for automatic loading and unloading

fiveu-nique flexible clamping system is used by CMM to accurately fix the workpiece for measurement and inspection. The basic unit of fiveu-nique system is multiple adjustable columns, which are conveniently placed on the measuring machine workbench using compressed air. The XYZ value of the precise position coordinate at the end of the column is manually set by the positioning device installed on the measuring head clamping device of the measuring machine

the typical process of inspection using Vento and fiveu-nique system is that the operator should manually adjust the position of fiveu-nique column, and then assemble the repeatable positioning device on the measuring shaft of the measuring machine. When the clamping program starts to work, the positioning device is automatically positioned on the clamping point coordinates. If the clamping plan requires, the reference module and locking device will be fixed after the column is set. Then, put the workpiece on the column. Most metal sheet metal parts need 20 ~ 80 measuring points; The metal sheet metal mold needs more clicks, and its measurement may take 6 ~ 8 hours. All DEA measuring machines use tutortm or pc-dmistm measuring software

if the dimensional data collected during the inspection of metal sheet metal parts do not meet the tolerance requirements, it will be handled by the "error repair team", which will study the causes of this situation and find solutions. After the mold inspection, the dimension data is transmitted to the CAD workstation of the tool and mold workshop, and compared with the nominal dimension to determine whether there is any deviation from the tolerance

in Ford otasan, the combination of measuring machine and flexible clamping system ensures that the company can use economical methods to inspect metal sheet metal parts, and reduce costs while improving product quality

due to such positive effects, at the beginning of this year, Ford oyi made Tasan purchase three Vento measuring machines when the oscillating part 102 swung within its full range, which will be installed in the new factory in Kocaeli. These machines will test the sub assemblies and body of new commercial vehicles mainly used in the export market

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