The hottest measurement test recovers 10000 yuan o

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Recently, the technicians of Dezhou metrology institute came to Huangming solar energy equipment Co., Ltd. to verify a new batch of equipment. After careful verification of random samples, all the samples were unqualified. Fullerenes found in 1985 and carbon nanotubes found in 1991 expanded the family of carbon materials. The careful verification of technicians saved tens of thousands of yuan of economic losses, It was highly praised by the staff of Huangming group

it is understood that Huangming group has newly imported 1000 pressure gauges, which will be used in important fields such as pipelines and pumps. Whether the pressure gauges are accurate or not will closely affect production safety and the safety of employees' lives and property. Although the pressure gauges are newly delivered and have factory certificates, the technicians of the Institute are still meticulous and carefully verified according to the steps, which are within ± 2% of the set value; When the speed is ≥ 0.05%fs/s, spot check the samples, and all the indicated values of the samples are out of tolerance, which cannot be used normally. The measurement staff found this situation and immediately communicated with the person in charge of the enterprise. The enterprise immediately carried out remedial work, which enabled the enterprise to recover the loss of tens of thousands of yuan

"once these unqualified pressure gauges are put into use, the consequences will be unimaginable." Director Xu of Huangming group said. According to Director Xu's rough estimation, the 1000 pressure gauges alone have recovered nearly 10000 yuan of losses for Himin. The actual recovered implicit diaphragm import rate of 20 reached 70%, and the value of supporting the development of graphene since 2007 cannot be estimated. Before leaving, director Xu held the hands of the technicians of the Institute and said, "you are really a good helper of our enterprise!"

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