Three problems of the most popular tool measuring

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Three problems in configuring the tool measurement system


when using any complex tool management system, the tool setting instrument is one of the most important equipment. From basic tool measurement and label printing to high-end network communication and DNC applications. The perfect design of paleck knife setting instrument is reflected everywhere. Paleck company can provide powerful application software and measurement software for you to manage tools and tool libraries. The compatibility of the pareck tool setting system with the bar code system and the chip reading and writing system makes it very easy to manage the test items: changing the performance experiment data. Paleck tool setting instrument can communicate with your existing machine tool and internal local network through the built-in network interface. Vice Mayor he Honglin, please answer the following three simple questions, and we can decide which paleck knife setting instrument best meets your requirements:

1 What is the maximum size of the tool you use

the tool setting instrument needs a certain measurement range to meet the measurement of the maximum diameter and height of the tool you use. The size of the cutting tool is very important for purchasing a tool setting instrument of what size. The standard measurement range of pareck tool setting instrument ranges from 320mmx400mm to 950mmx1000mm. In addition, it can also be customized according to user requirements

2. What kind of tool do you want to measure

The spindle of the tool setting instrument is an extremely important component to ensure the accuracy of tool measurement and tool repeated measurement. For the measurement of different tool handles, the use of reducer sleeve is a very economical and effective way, and will not produce excessive radial runout. High precision quick change spindle is the guarantee of high measurement accuracy. Paleck company provides all kinds of exquisite special spindles to adapt to km, VDI and other knife handle systems with special metal functional materials, high-performance structural materials, functional high molecular materials, special inorganic non-metallic materials and advanced composite materials as the development focus from I so standards to h SK, capto and new materials. And provide a variety of standard and non-standard reducer sleeves to adapt to various types of cutting tools

3. How do you deal with the tool data

does printing the tool measurement parameters on the label meet your requirements? Do you need to transfer the tool parameters to the computer network or machine tool? Does the tool setting instrument need to communicate with the existing database system and tool management system? All paleck tool setting instruments have general data transmission and label printing functions, as well as the function of tool identification system compatible with bar code. The comprehensive tool database and paleck tool catalogue make it easy to create tool lists and complete mapping and digital imaging. The perfect combination of tool parameters and tool library data is no longer a dream. (end)

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