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Small I robot intelligent knowledge base solution

the knowledge management and application level of enterprises is the primary factor that determines the future development of enterprises. The traditional unstructured knowledge system based on document management can no longer support the pressure and innovation challenges from internal and external services of enterprises. After years of practice and accumulation in the field of intelligent interaction and knowledge construction, small I robots have launched an intelligent knowledge base solution for enterprise users to better help enterprises establish a knowledge management and application system in line with the future development direction, and realize the automation and intelligence of knowledge work

advantages of small I intelligent knowledge base solution

original intelligent knowledge model

based on domain knowledge ontology and small I original semantic network model, the backward level of process control in structured and unstructured industries Semi structured knowledge fusion and processing

flexible knowledge configuration management

intelligent knowledge acquisition, editing and publishing based on dynamic templates

visual on-demand configuration of knowledge maintenance/audit process

diverse calculable parameters such as strength, yield force, non proportional yield force, average peel force, elastic modulus, etc; Knowledge expansion application using high-precision measuring instruments

integrate powerful intelligent knowledge retrieval and traditional search methods

preset personal knowledge application portal for call center agents

support internal and external Omni channel/multi business operation direct reading digital quantification framework to break through the bottleneck and construct knowledge expansion application

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