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Intellectualization of NC programming system

in the field of manufacturing informatization, traditional machining is developing towards digitalization and intellectualization, which is the only way for the manufacturing industry to carry out informatization transformation. It will take a long time to fully realize the intellectualization of machining, but the goal must be clear and firm, and the ideal can become a reality. The ultimate goal of enterprise informatization is to improve productivity and obtain more profits. Intelligent processing is an effective means to improve production efficiency. Intelligent processing includes many aspects, such as the intellectualization of control system and programming system. Here we mainly discuss the intellectualization of programming system

first, what is the intellectualization of NC programming system

today, with the rapid development of NC machining, hardware equipment, including NC machine tools and control systems, are increasingly updated. No matter what kind of numerical control equipment, the control system, like the human brain, plays an extremely important dominant role. However, the current control system still transmits, recognizes and controls machining information through NC code. NC code needs the support of software platform, so NC programming system develops with the development of control system

intellectualization has become a clear goal of control system development

the intellectualization of the control system can not only bring high efficiency and high quality to the numerical control equipment, but also provide a more convenient and humanized operation interface and operation method

as the generation platform of NC code, NC programming system, like control system, also has its own independent development track. The intellectualization of NC programming system is also one of the noble goals that people constantly seek in this field

the development of NC programming system in the direction of intelligence should have the following characteristics:

first, the system should be able to provide a reasonable process solution according to the mathematical model of the workpiece. This requires it to have at least a certain recognition ability and be able to recognize various model structure information of the workpiece

then we should have a certain ability of judgment and analysis, coupled with a powerful expert system to complete these tasks; Secondly, the system should have more automatic work options to simplify the operation process to the greatest extent

in addition, as an Intelligent NC programming system, it should have wider adaptability, which can not only meet the processing and programming needs of various types of parts, but also meet the needs of various NC hardware devices (or control systems)

II. Premise of Intelligent NC programming system

at present, foreign companies have made certain achievements in the intelligent development of control system and programming software system. The purpose of intellectualization is to improve the efficiency and quality of NC machining;. Intelligent NC applies it to another industry programming system. In addition to simplifying programming operations and extensive adaptability, it also has a very important purpose, which is to provide reliable and safe processing guarantee. Therefore, improving the safety of NC processing is also a very important aspect of intellectualization

the intellectualization of NC programming system is not achieved overnight. In the early stage of the development of NC programming system, because the three steps are applied flexibly according to the site conditions, intellectualization can only be an elusive goal. So, what hinders the development of CNC programming system in the direction of intelligence? The answer is "mathematical model". As the goal and object of programming system, the amount of information contained in mathematical model will directly determine the degree of intelligence, just as the amount of knowledge mastered by human brain determines all stages of human development. In addition, the way in which the information contained in the mathematical model is transmitted in the machining process will also have a great impact on the intellectualization of the NC programming system. The development of mathematical models is from wireframe model to curved surface model to now commonly used solid model. Different types of model structures can express different information capacity when describing the same object. For example, in the mathematical model expressing a regular hexahedron structure, wireframe model can only express the information of edges through wireframe. In the surface model, people can express the information on each face, of course, including the information of all edges contained in the wireframe model. If the model information is expressed by the solid model, not only the edge and face information can be included in the model, but also the internal structure information of the solid can be included in the model

in addition, the transmission mode of model information in the whole manufacturing process will also affect the degree of intelligence, such as from design environment (CAD environment) to programming environment (CAM environment); In the process from programming environment (CAM environment) to control system, the effectiveness of information transmission will also have a great impact on the whole intelligent machining

first, let's look at the impact of the transmission of mathematical model information from CAD environment to cam environment on machining programming. In the early stage of cad/cam development, even now, after many product models are designed, they often need to be transferred to the cam environment for programming operations through some conversion formats (such as IGES, etc.). As we all know, this kind of transformation will produce certain information loss. In the cam environment, because a lot of feature information and feature parameters are lost in the transformation process, these lost information will not be used by the cam platform. Therefore, only by fundamentally ensuring the integrity of model data in the transmission process, it is possible to carry out more intelligent operations. Therefore, the emergence of some cad/cam integrated software in the market is to fundamentally solve this problem. Many independent cam platforms have also solved the problem of data transmission through cooperation with CAD software suppliers in which Li Xinhai holds 30% equity of Yongxing new energy, laying a good foundation for smart graphene as a new star in the material industry

secondly, in the process from cam to control system, the influence of information transmission on intelligent machining is analyzed. Now almost all programming systems and control systems transmit processing information through G code. At best, there are only a hundred or so g codes, so the amount of information that can be expressed is limited. At present, a new model standard step NC mathematical model has been developed internationally. In the future, both programming system and control system can directly read this mathematical model and identify the process information and structure information of parts contained in it. It completely avoids the loss of the model in the transmission process. And based on this model structure, more intelligence can be achieved. But in the future, G code will be our only choice

III. The degree of intellectualization of the current NC programming system

based on the current solid model structure, the NC programming system has achieved partial intellectualization. Because the solid model is obtained by means of feature modeling, how to obtain these features in the programming process, and then directly program against these features, and provide more automatic operation options according to the support of expert system in the operation process, has become a major development direction of the current Intelligent NC programming system. For example, current Edgecam, camworks and other systems can complete some tasks such as automatically finding machining features, automatically setting machining parameters, automatically providing machining methods, and automatically selecting machining tools

because solid models can more express the structural information of part models, more 3D part solid models are created by designers. Using solid models, engineers can quickly complete NC programming through some intelligent CAM systems. In addition to the function of programming the structure information and feature parameters of the solid model, engineers can also automatically update the tool path according to the feature changes of the solid model. In this way, the interaction between tool path and solid model can not only reduce the programming workload increased due to design changes, but also reduce a large number of repeated operations in the programming process. This process can be realized as long as the solid model can be completely transferred from CAD environment to cam environment. For example, Edgecam can realize this dynamic association with catiaugproeinventorsolidworkssolidedgesolid3000 and other CAD environments

many CAM systems provide some commonly used secondary development tools. Including how to put some frequently used programming processes into the existing system in a fixed way, so that they can be called at any time in the future programming process. The openness and operability of secondary development tools become important parameters for evaluating a system. For example, the strategy manager provided by Edgecam can copy the previous processing process into the flow chart as a processing node in the whole processing process. With other operations, a new processing strategy can be customized. Moreover, some of the parameter settings are associated with the solid model. For example, when machining holes, the tool can be selected according to the diameter of the specified hole feature. After the parameters (diameter or depth) of the hole feature in the solid model are changed, the machining process also changes automatically

in the early stage of cam development, people realized the importance of simulation processing, because it is an effective means to avoid interference, overcut and collision in the processing process. In foreign countries, many companies are directly engaged in the research and development of this kind of simulation system. For the Intelligent NC programming system, it not only requires more accurate and realistic means of simulation processing, but also makes more attempts on how to solve the problems in the simulation process and how to output and reuse the simulation results

IV. the future development of Intelligent NC programming system

with the popularization and use of stepnc mathematical model, an object-oriented NC programming system will appear. People only need to add some process information about how to complete part processing into the model, and then transfer the model to the control system. Through the Intelligent NC programming system, the programming operation process is greatly simplified. With the continuous upgrading of computer technology and the research results in the field of artificial intelligence, it will also promote the intelligent development of NC programming system. In short, with the continuous development of science and technology, the improvement of numerical control technology, and the cooperation between various systems, intelligent numerical control technology will have broad prospects for development in the future, and bring a bright future for the development of China's manufacturing industry to high efficiency, high precision and cutting-edge. (end)

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