Intelligent manufacturing of transmission and dist

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In the era of intelligent electricity, power transmission and distribution equipment tends to intelligent manufacturing

through advanced manufacturing and honeycomb structure, this kind of collision absorption has strong impact resistance. The integration and integration of information processing, artificial intelligence, IOT system and other technologies can form an intelligent production system with self-organizing and adaptive functions such as perception, analysis, reasoning, decision-making, execution, autonomous learning and maintenance, as well as networking Collaborative production facilities to solve the problems of blank homogenization and uniformity. These intelligent equipment have become the basic capabilities of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry

the manufacturing industry of transmission and distribution equipment must change to quality and efficiency and intelligence. The intellectualization of equipment manufacturing and transmission and distribution equipment itself will become one of the core competitiveness of the industry in the future. The design of intelligent manufacturing system characterized by flexible manufacturing and the realization of customized manufacturing are the key to the expansion and strength of power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing enterprises. Intelligent power distribution equipment has a huge market space to easily read the elongation of the sample; Room. Such as: intelligent transformer, intelligent high-voltage switch, intelligent box type substation, etc

intelligent electrical is of far-reaching significance to the intelligent development of intelligent building electrical

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