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Security enterprise new value-added point video processing intelligent analysis

realize the concept of "video talent is accurate enough to extend the application life of the experimental machine to create value" by mining valuable content in video resources. From the implementation process, it is to pass the standard video signal through the network video server with intelligent analysis and processing, and then shrink it and transmit it through IP. In addition, it should be noted that: ① the working oil cylinder must be raised by a small section; ② Check whether the belt driving the force measuring piston to rotate is disconnected to the central management platform, which provides valuable information to the direct users of the system or other application systems

"video creates value" is the process of mining valuable things from a large number of video resources, and intelligent video is the means to realize "video creates value". The well-known "license plate recognition" and "face recognition" are typical applications of intelligent video

intelligent video technology can be divided into "recognition" and "analysis". Its purpose is to recognize or analyze objects (or targets) in video resources. Now it is also called "computer vision", but such technology research is still in its infancy, and there is still a long way to go from computer vision

there are a lot of intelligent video content, many of which are far beyond our imagination, such as object (target) recognition, counting, detection (such as type, speed, direction), etc; Behavior analysis, fuzzy comparison (matching) of objects (or targets, including people, cars, animals, objects, etc.). Behavior also includes crossing (single trip line, double trip line, multiple trip line), staying, leaving, suddenly disappearing, suddenly appearing, etc; There are also things like fireworks recognition, personnel density detection, personnel specific abnormal behaviors (running, smoking, falling, leaving, gathering, etc.), of course, including video fault intelligent diagnosis

the research and development of the core technology of intelligent video has become a hot research topic for many large companies, scientific and technological institutions, universities and so on. Objectvideo, Verint, nice and other foreign manufacturers currently have similar systems and products. Domestic research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Beijing Hanwang Technology and other similar R & D teams, but domestic application systems and product development are still in the initial stage. The control of the experimental process is realized through the automatic control of single chip microcomputer

the development of intelligent video system and products belongs to the application level research in the "intelligent video industry chain", and the core technology has different ways of expression in the application of different industries, so the development of application system and products is the key to the wide application of core technology

security and commercial fields will be the initial markets for intelligent video applications. Intelligent transportation, building management, industrial control, production inspection, etc. are also the application directions of intelligent video, and the personalized needs of specific industries will constitute the entry point of "intelligent video", which will be mainly implemented in Europe and Asia; Because the system has the advantage of large amount of information, the intelligent "urban monitoring and alarm system" can provide valuable value-added services for all industries, and it is also the guarantee for the sustainable development of "safe city project construction". "Intelligent video value-added system" will become the provider of "video value-added content" of "information management system" in various industries

in China, the research and product development of intelligent video technology is still in its infancy, and the development of network video centralized management platform is only a few years, so the intelligent video value-added platform software is a new field, and comprehensively entering the intelligent video field is the guarantee for the next success of many security enterprises

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