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Sensor intelligence has become a necessary trend

with the growth of superstitious technology, all properties are inseparable from the word "intelligence". From intelligent industry, intelligent agriculture, intelligent transportation, due to time, it is not introduced to intelligent logistics, intelligent security and other non categories. The essence of the demand for intelligence in various fields is the inexhaustible strengthening of the demand for information. Sensors have become one of the most important electronic devices in urgent need of growth in the future, especially intelligent sensors that can collect, process, interpret and transmit information

in information consumption, the accuracy, timeliness, large coverage density and wide area of information sources are fundamental, and sensors are one of the most important media. Traditional sensors can meet this demand, but previous sensors can't analyze and process information, which is fatal to electronic components requiring intensive function, so intelligent sensors came into being

intelligent sensor connects the sensor and the microprocessors closely through technology, and integrates the sensor's sensitive element and its signal scheduling circuit with the microprocessors on a chip, which can be called a sensor with starting intelligence. Smart sensors connect ASIC circuits, microprocessors, communication interfaces, software negotiations, etc. with sensitive chips, so that the sensing information of sensitive chips can be fully manipulated. Integration, miniaturization, multi-function, intelligence and collection are the growth trends of sensors, but integration and miniaturization are the root of this trend. As long as the integration and miniaturization technology can achieve low cost, low power consumption, high function, multi-function, intelligence and collection

at present, the smart III sample is only suitable for measuring the tensile strength of molded chopped glass fiber reinforced plastics. The energy sensor is the hot spot and frontier of sensor research in the world. The primary bottleneck of the growth of international sensor property towards miniaturization and integration is the lack of talent in China's IC and MEMS technology property chain. There is a big gap between China and the international advanced predecessors in terms of technology essence, production ability or production range. Danieli's research on intelligent sensors is a transcendental growth idea that China should adopt. It is a critical method to occupy the commanding height of information technology in the future, and the condensation component ≤ 2mg. It is also for the trend of sensor growth

information source can be connected to the computer console: Zhonghua machinery

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