Intelligence becomes a key breakthrough in the war

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After the war in the post lighting era, intelligence has become a key breakthrough

with the popularity of LED lights to a certain extent, the growth rate of the lighting industry has slowed down. Lighting enterprises have "crossed the border" to smart cities, optical link, mobile travel, intelligence, health lighting and other intelligent fields, integrating lighting into IOT and mining the new value of light. Judging from the 2018 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, this "crossover" has become a trend in the "post lighting era"

Gu Na, President and CEO of OSRAM China, revealed in his speech at the summit forum of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition on June 10 that mobile travel, smart city and intelligence are the three key areas for OSRAM to realize the innovative application of light

Gu Na said that an ordinary car has 250 independent light sources, and the number is expanding. The lighting design has accounted for 25% of the design of a car. China is the largest electric vehicle market in the world. A car powered by batteries will become a autonomous vehicle with just one more step. Therefore, a large number of LED based lidar systems will be needed in the future, and the global market in this field will reach 5billion euros by 2023

once automatic driving is realized, the car does not need a cab, and more space can be made in the car for family gatherings and office meetings. Gu Na said that the car should have a set of lifi system for lighting, and different lighting designs are also required during sleep and office. Therefore, there is a huge new demand for car lighting, sensors, automatic driving and interior decoration. OSRAM has invested a lot of energy to meet these needs

in the field of smart cities, the Asia Pacific region accounts for 50% of the global smart city market, and China accounts for 50% of the smart city market in the Asia Pacific region. Gu Na said that as long as you master the technology of LED lights, you can control lighting, manage energy, recognize faces, collect data, and help realize the lighting, energy, security and other functions of intelligent buildings. Therefore, OSRAM has integrated lighting solutions into building solutions

property developers are also taking action. A number of lighting enterprises have signed strategic cooperation agreements with country garden for industrial projects, and will jointly develop intelligent lighting systems for 100 industrial towns to achieve lighting, security, energy management and other functions

as one of the lighting enterprises cooperating with country garden this time, Wang Micheng, President of Hongyan appliance, told China business that the future is expected to be the era of IOT, and smart home is the basic form for families and communities to realize the interconnection of everything. Therefore, from 2018 to 2019, the smart home industry will have great development. Hongyan appliance has cooperated with Alibaba cloud to build an open and interconnected platform, and positioned itself as an integrated provider of intelligent hardware based on Alibaba cloud platform. Hongyan and country garden hope to work together with Alibaba to promote the cooperation

the relevant person of zhongzhao capital, who is in the middle of the line, told first finance and economics that the lighting industry needs to be transformed and upgraded from low-end to high-end, and country garden needs to be transformed from a traditional real estate developer to the builder and operator of the industrial platform, so that the two industries can rotate with each other in-depth cooperation, which can be achieved at one stroke. The construction of intelligent lighting systems in 100 towns can not only provide increment for the lighting industry, but also bring greater possibilities for the increase and construction of smart cities (1) environmental experiments (high and low temperature experiments)

Gu Na said that with the participation of artificial intelligence technology, intelligence needs more sensors, and OSRAM takes this opportunity to enter the field of intelligent devices. With invisible LED light, face recognition and blood pressure measurement can be realized. "If you only pay attention to lighting, it is impossible to seize these opportunities."

landvance, which was spun off by OSRAM and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of mullinson, a listed LED lighting company in China, is looking for opportunities to be compatible with smart home platforms. At this exhibition, landvance showed the application of the latest ZigBee technology and new products specially designed for Apple products. With Amazon Alexa and apple Siri voice assistants, you can easily control lighting devices with intelligent voice

in addition to being compatible with smart home, another hot spot of intelligent lighting is human centric lighting, or "Humanistic lighting", which uses the influence of lighting on human biological rhythm to regulate people's mood and improve people's health level. Based on this, landvance will become a supplier of lighting solutions that have a positive impact on people's health and mood. It showed the "intelligent lighting switch" at this exhibition, which can automatically adjust the light of the conference room according to the indoor natural light, and can also set a variety of other lighting modes

Tan Changlin, the new CEO of landvance, revealed in an exclusive interview with first finance that at present, traditional lighting, LED light source and LED lamp businesses account for 30% of landvance's business revenue respectively, and the remaining 10% is intelligent products and other businesses. Although the proportion of intelligent business is still low, he hopes to cooperate more with Internet technology companies, such as Xiaomi in China and apple, Amazon and Google abroad. In fact, this year, landvance has added a dimming led filament lamp for Apple homekit

not only landvance, Seoul semiconductor, Hongli optoelectronics, Ruifeng optoelectronics, etc. also showed health lighting products this time, promoting full spectrum LED lamps close to sunlight. In schools, offices, hospitals, stores and other different scenes, provide lighting environments with different spectra, which is conducive to eye care, human health and mood

ZhangXiaoFei, chairman of LED of senior engineering, believes that the growth of traditional lighting is weak, while emerging markets such as new display, intelligent lighting, automotive lighting and plant lighting are in the ascendant. "At this stage, when LED lighting has entered post lighting, the" fund "is not for the purpose of profit, and enterprises need to do a good job in innovation and intelligent manufacturing." He also believes that smart lighting is growing rapidly, but penetration is also an important opportunity that our national research and innovation institutions urgently need to control. The opportunity rate has not reached even 20%, so there is still a lot of room to explore

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